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ZERO's Manufacturing Capabilities

ZERO Manufacturing has the internal capability for virtually any type of modification including custom cutouts, special hole-patterns, accessory brackets and related operations. ZERO saves customers time and money by fulfilling modifications in-house, eliminating the need for additional vendors.

Aluminum and Metal Anodizing

Type II anodizing gives an anodized layer of .0002" to .0009". Type III (hard coat) anodizing gives an anodized layer up to 0.002" but is normally at 0.0005" (MIL Spec).

Aluminum Laser Cutting

Laser cutting allows the entire tooling process to be bypassed, which eliminates costly setup and tooling fees. It is ideal for creating prototypes and for shorter runs with exceptional accuracy.

Working Range (X, Y, Z, C, B):

  • X = 158, 118, 80, 50"
  • C = 360 degrees
  • Y = 60"
  • B +/- 120 degrees


  • Washer System - 9' x 90' automatic titrating conveyor system
  • Etching - Weld Preparation and Cleaning
  • Chemical Film-Certified to meet MIL-C-5541, classes 1A & 3


Welding is performed IAW MIL-STD-2219, Class B and C (Class A by contract only) and certified to MIL-STD-1595. ZERO has twelve 3-phase spot welders with Class A solid state controls rated up to 250 KVA, permitting spot welding of aluminum up to 5/16" thick, certified to MIL-W-6858D, eight 300-amp GTAW stations, 2 GMA welders, and longitudinal and peripheral seam welders.


9,600 square foot tool and die and production machine shop with over 40 pieces of primary equipment. ZERO also has a foundry on-site for casting sleeves for multiple draw jobs.

Deep Draw

The basis for nearly all of ZERO's aluminum fabrication is a deep draw process so unique that it is often referred to as the "ZERO Method".

  • High Strength-to-Weight Ratio
  • Endurance Against Stress, Tearing, and Cracking
  • RFI/EMI Shielding and ESD/Grounding
  • Extraordinary Resistance to Corrosion
  • Sustaining Cold Temperatures
  • Heat Dissipation/Shielding


ZERO's processes and products are in accordance with current national and international standards.

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Certificates like FCC, CE, RoHS can be provided when requested; for data cables, we offer MFI certified cables.
Products can be in compliance with RoHS upon request and specification.

Rotationally Molded Plastics

Rotationally molded polyethylene plastic delivers a shell that is exceptionally durable and resistant to rough handling and extreme environments.

Painting and Powdercoating

ZERO's paint facility is designed to achieve and match Federal Standard 595B colors. Enamel, water-base, and powder-paints are available and several others as specified.

Decorative Silkscreen and Emboss

A broad range of decorative and design services are available to customize your enclosure, case or part. Silkscreening, Stenciling, Designation Printing, Decals, Labels, Engraving, Debossing and Embossing are available for creating specialized and unique enclosures. Your logo, graphics, text, and even numbering will add the finishing touch.