ZERO Manufacturing (ZERO) created this webpage as a means to become a business that is easy to do business with. Made available herein is documentation and forms that can be used by our valued customers to facilitate requests for quotes and purchase orders through our organization. Our aim is to meet your expectations in a timely manner.

Request for Quote (RFQ) Form:
In order to expedite your quote through our quoting team, please download the Request for Quote (RFQ) form.
Download Request for Quote Form – PDF PDF (87.4 KB)

Quotation General Terms and Conditions:
In order to expedite your quote through our quoting team.

Purchase Order Check List:
A Purchase Order Check List accompanies each quote for customized products. Upon receipt of your Purchase Order (PO), our Front End Process Team (FEPT) will evaluate your order through our Product Realization Validation (PRV) Process that concludes with an Order Acknowledgement and firm ship date. In order to expedite your custom order through our PRV Process, and for your convenience, ZERO requests that you use the Purchase Order Check List to ensure we have all of the relevant information to process your PO.
Download Order Checklist – PDF PDF (32.4 KB) – .doc (113 KB)

Standard Terms and Conditions of the Sale:

Order Receipt:
Upon receipt of a Purchase Order (PO), ZERO will transmit the Order Receipt form to request additional information required by our Front End Process Team (FEPT) to evaluate your order in our Product Realization Validation (PRV) Process. At this time, your order is still on hold. Upon receipt of the requested information, the FEPT will evaluate your order, then provide an Order Acknowledgement and a Firm Ship Date.
Download Received Order – PDF PDF (54.6 KB) – .doc (86.0 KB)

Order Pending:
ZERO’s Front End Process Team (FEPT) will issue the Order Pending response after we evaluate your Purchase Order (PO) in the PRV Process if we require additional information. At this time, your order is still on hold.
Download Pending Order – PDF PDF (50.0 KB)

Export Compliance:
The United States Government requires all U.S. manufacturers of military end-use items to verify the end-user in all sales, including drop shipments, of U.S. manufactured products specifically designed or modified for military end-use. ZERO requires your assistance to ensure full compliance with these regulations.

Declaration of End Use:
If ZERO will be exporting product or information to a foreign person or to a location outside the U.S., ZERO requires a completed Declaration of End-Use form to confirm your intentions regarding the end-use of the technology to be exported. This document is required for every purchase order placed with ZERO. If ZERO determines that the item(s) that you are purchasing require an export license, your order will be placed on hold until you have supplied all of the information required to submit the export license application. The licensing process generally takes 2-3 weeks once all of the information has been received, however, additional time may be required. The quoted lead time for your order will not begin until ZERO receives an approved export license. If ZERO is unable to obtain an export license, your order will be cancelled without penalty or further obligation from ZERO.
Download Declaration of End-Use – PDF PDF (126 KB)

Export Ownership Letter:
If you are a U.S. company requesting ZERO to ship within the U.S., or if ZERO will not be exporting products or information on your behalf, please complete the attached Export Ownership Letter. This letter is required by ZERO to confirm that you will take responsibility to obtain permission from the U.S. Department of State and/or the U.S. Department of Commerce prior to exporting information or products in your possession that are regulated by these agencies. This letter must be returned to ZERO on your corporate letterhead. Additionally, this letter is valid for one year, and covers all information or product shipped directly to you by ZERO. Declaration of End-Use documents are not required once ZERO has received completed Export Ownership Letter from you.
Export Ownership Letter – PDFPDF (8.28 KB) – .doc (34.5 KB)


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